Our Process

Our Sourcing process is used to identify, examine, select and implement sourcing alternatives for a specific Sourcing Need. that can be a product a packaging, a compoennet a part or a fully assembled product

It encompasses the whole process for evaluating, selecting and aligning with the manufacturer to achieve operational and cost improvements.

Description of our process

The first step of Triple-c's souring process is an interview with you , the company with the sourcing need. We will get a first impression of the problems that occurred in the past and why you want to switch suppliers, if necessary. Also when you are an inventor or product creater and want to manufacturer a product for the first time we can help , as we also are experienced in small order quantities.




Request for quotation

If you are interested in a quote for a technical part please send your 2d or 3d drawing to info@manufacturingvietnam.com