Vietnam Information and facts


Vietnam is a country that has 86.21 million inhabitants in 2008.This number had been grown to  91.5 million in 2011

we found the following age structure of Vietnam:

0-14 years: 25.2% (male 11,945,354/female 10,868,610) 
15-64 years: 69.3% (male 31,301,879/female 31,419,306) 
65 years and over: 5.5% (male 1,921,652/female 3,092,589) (2011 est.)

The Vietnamese population is quite a young one with a median age of around 27.8 years.

as we know Vietnam offers a talented and willing work force, numerous handicrafts, under-utilized tourist locations and many opportunities for companies interested in moving your factory or sourcing products.

Vietnam's GDP ( Gross Domestic Product)

In 2008 Vietnam's GDP was 90,7 Billion USD. The growth year was 6.15% in that year.


Vietnam, main export information

Vietnam is the 28 th export country of the world in terms of value in USD. Vietnamese export reach a $162.11 billion in year 2015. It was not completely rising compared to 2014 ( When export reached $165 billion) Main export good are clothes, shoes, marine products, crude oil, electronics, wooden toy blocks products, rice, coffee, machinery. Main export partners are United States 20.9% China 11.7% Japan 10.6% South Korea 7.1% Hong Kong 5.8% India 4.9% (2013 est.