Company Info

Vietnam manufacturing is a company in Vietnam, established in Ho Chi Minh and part of Triple- c ltd R.O. Vietnam. 

We have a long track record of sourcing products, manufacturing management in China en Vietnam. Our company started in 2005 in China, Shanghai . In 2010 we discussed in our management team the possibilities of opening a second office in an emerging country due to the rising labor and material costs in China.

Our choice for Vietnam was an easy one: this country has an enormous young highly motivated population, willing to work and learn hard. Besides that they are easy to communicate with. Last but not least the infrastructure is improving ( the road-network) and Vietnam has modern and easy accessible of harbors.

Manufacturing management in Vietnam.

We are contract manufacturers and manufacturer of wooden, bamboo accessories and furniture, plastics and metal products, parts and prototypes for mainly overseas customers. Wooden quality toys ( rubber wood or MDF) are our core competences.

Managed by European project managers we have a dedicated team of engineers to assist in your design, prototype and production or manufacturing and assembly process in Vietnam. We have partnerships with dedicated and preselected factories close to Ho chi minh city and Hanoi.

Manufacturing Expertise area's

From the initial design steps until delivery to your door we can assist in your outsourcing and sourcing needs in Vietnam. Our areas of expertise are:

  1. check our partner for Injection moulds manufacturing and custom made plastic parts.
  2. Electronics and pcb's and assembly in their encasings.
  3. CNC machined parts and prototypes, aluminum extruded parts.
  4. (rubber) Wooden accessories, toys furniture and other products made from wood in our partner factory near Ho chi Minh Saigon.

product design and development of several new innovative projects or redesign and engineering.

As our company is set up by industrial product designers we also can design engineer your products from scratch until the first rapid prototypes and manufacturing until delivery to your doorstep. So we deliver European product design with low cost Vietnamese manufacturing!

We are excellent in new innovative custom made products made such as wooden furniture, domestic appliances and electronics. (vacuum cleaners, cooking and grill systems, displays, trolley's, kids alarms, clock's, floor cleaners, sunsprayers, sport articles. etc)

So if you wish to produce your wooden furniture or toys in Vietnam please contact us!

Request for quotation

If you are interested in a quote for a wooden or technical part please send your 2d or 3d drawing to




Project examples, direct sourcing:

Currently we are involved in several projects such as sourcing for wooden accessories made of acacia and rubber wood for a large American brand of stacking-solutions. Different kind of finishing's are available such as natural lacquer, white was or full color lacquer.

Other products we just started sourcing-projects for are bamboo accessories and steel wire products and flower baskets of all kinds of material.

Nowadays we have starting our own brand, LUCO toys , which are wooden constructive toys with unlimited possibilities